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Doctor Full Body Check and Spot Check
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Lesion Removal

Skin tags, fibromas, angiomas, pimples
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Clear up age spots, sun spots, lesions and other markings
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Melbourne MOLE Clinic

The staff at The Melbourne MOLE clinic are highly skilled and experienced at removing your skin lesions safely.

Checking your skin regularly helps to identify suspicious skin lesions early, so get them checked by a doctor without delay. Skin cancer is diagnosed by physical examination and sometimes biopsy. Other parts of your body also need to be checked for suspicious lesions

Regular check-ups with your GP of all skin lesions is recommended every 6 months. We specialise in removing safe, non-suspicious skin lesions. If you are concerned with any skin lesion please seek medical advice

Our Process:

  • 1. Skin Check up with a GP is essential. Download our consent form for your GP to sign, or make an appointment with our GP (available every Wednesday)

  • 2. Make an appointment with us - (Consultation and Removal can be done on the same day!)

How can we help

Why to remove

Removing unwanted lesions has increased in popularity in the past few years- with patients opting for non-invasive methods rather than surgery

There are many factors why people desire to have their moles removed even benign and non-cancerous nevus.

What else is available to remove moles

Today, several skin resurfacing modalities including laser and microdermabrasion are available to smoothen and rejuvenate the skin, but most of them are not effective in removing minor skin irregularities.

You may have tried natural mole remover cream such as DermaTend or similar lesion removal creams. If they have not work for you, the good news there is a safe, quick, simple and virtually painless process for lesion removal.

Our skin clear equipment ensures an excellent result. Book your consultation TODAY!