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If you have a valid concern about cancer problems then you will want to make sure that you consult with a doctor so that you can know for sure what is going on and that your particular mole is not dangerous. You should definitely go to a doctor if you have a family history of skin cancer, as this can be an indicator of possible future problems.

A Mole Check is recommended for anyone with
abnormal, new or changing moles

Quite often doctors recommend mole removed by surgery. You should know that you could have incur a very high mole removal cost. This is because surgical procedures are not cheap, and they are rarely covered by your insurance unless there is a valid reason to be concerned about cancer.

Not only this, but they can leave behind unsightly scars, which could be a cost that you could not measure in traditional means if the scar is somewhere that could easily be seen.

There are some procedures that can help to reduce the appearance of moles or eliminate them altogether.

  • For example, sometimes you might have heard that getting a facial on a regular basis can help to facilitate in the removal of moles on your face. The downside to this is that the procedure may not take, or you may have to go through regular treatments in order to make sure that the moles do not return
  • One of the cheaper ways to try and get rid of the problematic mole is to try the various over the counter creams and treatments. These can be found in any store, but they often work through by employing harsh chemicals to peel away the mole, and this can leave scar tissue behind. So while the cost of the creams may not be that high, dealing with the scars that it could leave behind could be a problem
  • Clinical Skin Clear (aka Lamprobe) device effective treats a wide range of common minor skin conditions, non-invasively, with instantaneous results. Clinical Skin Clear treatments are extremely rapid (under a minute duration) and involve minimum client discomfort, without a need for anesthesia

Doctors Mole check in Melbourne Mole clinic

Every client has individual needs and the mole check consultation is tailored to meet those needs. Melbourne Mole clinic spot check consultation consist of

  • accessing personal risk factors and risk profile
  • explanation on dangers of sun exposure
  • client assessment and visual examination of skin lesions
  • extra careful examination of lesions set for removal
  • if no abnormalities are detected moles can be removed

NOTE: Doctor Mole Check available on Mondays. It involves full body examination using hand held dermoscopy to identify any lesion or areas on the skin that may require diagnosis and treatment.

Doctor complete head to toe inspection, or full body mole check, can be completed in 30 minutes and cost $100. Up to 8 spots skin check cost $80. At least $35 can be claim back through Medicare office.

Alternatively you can complete doctors referral at your GP and bring it in for mole removal procedure

Lesion/spot removal prices are $69 per lesion or $300 for up to 8 lesions. The procedure takes a few minutes but we ask you to allow 45min to allow topical anaesthetic solution to work.

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Download Moles Information Sheet and letter for a doctor to save time at consultation.
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